Why am I a Mac?

There are so many weak opinions that fly around, just based on money, customer service, negative advertising, and more. And no one cares to find out for themself why people believe or support their opinions. You see this with any major splits that don’t have comparable features:

So why do we force our opinion on others? Is it because we want to be heard? Or maybe we just want to have others assure us in what we believe. A lot of times we think we are providing a service by telling others what we believe. That last one is the furthest from the truth. It is never a service to force your opinion on someone else, especially if they didn’t ask for it.

The best way to help others understand why you believe what you do, is by pursuing what you believe in as proof to why you believe in it. When others see first hand why it is so great to believe what you do, they are so much more inclined to believe it as well, rather than if you were to try and force it on them by telling them what they should believe.

Ok, enough with the philosophy.

First Mac

I grew up on PCs, and I loved being able to rip apart a PC and rebuild it within a day. Computer classes were really fun in highschool. But, about 4 years after highschool I had gotten sick of viruses, blue screens, and many other issues. I had been hearing about this computer that is virusfree (no way can that be possible). I finally had to find out for my self and bought a white iBook from a coworker… man was it pretty compared to my old PC. But, holy junk, I had no idea where my windows went… and what is a “Finder”? I started to think that I made a mistake converting to Mac.

There is always a point in which you question your choice after converting from one thing to another. It is that moment when you remember what is comfortable while dealing with uncomfortable circumstances in the new environment you are trying to get the hang of. I couldn’t take it back, so I decided to try and figure it out.

A couple months later I was designing the CD cover for a friends band. This was the beginning of my love relationship with one of the few brands I will completely support. I have never had a bad moment with a Mac, never a virus or anything that wasn’t brought on by wear and tear. I just upgraded to a new Retina MacBook Pro, and my previous MBP was 4 years old (I never once had to clean it of viruses or take it in to have it fixed). I love never having to think about what is going wrong with my computer and being able to focus on what I am creating.

First iPhone

When the iPhone came out in 2007, it changed the world. 2009, the year I finally purchased my first iPhone. It was a black 3G with 8gb of storage, and it was freaking slick. I just stared at it forever playing with the swiping and other gestures you could do with this new touch screen. There was this whole new world of downloading/buying apps and it was exciting. But wait, you could build your own apps and put them on your phone or even better sell them. Seriously?

A little later when I stepped into iOS development, I started to grasp the future of technology and how mobile would become a center piece of our lives. I love the idea of using technology to enhance a person’s life.

First …

I believe that building for iOS is just the stepping stone for what is coming next. But, who says I have to wait to find out what the next technology will be. Why can’t I be the one who creates the next revolutionary tool? Why can’t you?